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Car Dashboard Styling Tips

Now a days interior modification of the car has really grabbed the attention of the car enthusiasts and they are showing up with different innovations almost every day. The reason is simple. More innovations in the car’s interior materials. Car interior is a wide terminology but I will, for the sake of simplicity, stick myself to the car dashboard.

Obviously the first thing of the car interior which comes into notice is the dashboard bearing lots of panels and slots and if job well done, one can really impress his mate by the help of some cool dashboard styling tips. Luckily for the car modifiers, the automotive industry has moved far from that same old fashioned, boring standard plastic. Many types of material like leather, carbon fiber, fur e.t.c are available for dashboard styling. So giving your dashboard a new look is no more difficult. Only your creativity is the limit.

I will be discussing some cool car dashboard styling tips which will be proved helpful in gaining you an extra edge among your peers. First of all complimenting your overall car theme is extremely important. Even the brand reputation of your car is important. For instance if you own a luxury car, motor sport style interior will not be suitable for your car and vice versa, of course! Read the rest of this entry »

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