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Car Design: Exterior, Interior, And Color and Trim

Before being introduced on the market, a car undergoes a long and careful design process to make sure that it possesses all desirable qualities conformed to different aspects such as modernity, ergonomics, functionalities, and other prominent features. These aspects are polished and perfected by a group of design professionals who have strong background in industrial or transportation design.

The designing process is divided into three divisions. This entails the need for three types of designers comprising the team: an exterior designer, an interior designer, and a color and trim designer. Some car design teams include a graphic design professional, yet this person’s skill can just be shared among the team members as all may have automotive skill.

Cars are highly marketable products because of fast growing transportation demands. Car manufacture and dealership industries create enormous profits in introducing and dealing well-modeled cars on the market. Car companies like Dodge spend years of designing just to come up with a perfect car model that can boom for the long term. Read the rest of this entry »

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