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Selecting Tires For Your Hybrid Car

First time hybrid car users may still be quite a bit unfamiliar with the new and innovative hybrid car tire designs. When you are planning on replacing your hybrid car tires, remember to pick the low-rolling resistance tire models.

Experts know that the low-rolling resistance tires are as groundbreaking as the hybrid car design itself. Major tire manufacturers are now riding the wave by coming up with new designs to meet the increasing demand for hybrid automobiles. This means that consumers have to look for new low-rolling resistance tire designs that are available at tire store centers.

But before we go any further, have you any idea what low-rolling resistance tires are all about? The name low-rolling resistance tires is derived from the measurement taken as the tire rolls on the surface of the road. The longer the tire rolls at a given rate, the lower the resistance it encounters hence the name low-rolling resistance tire.

A great improvement in the automotive industry, these innovative tires greatly lessen the power required to move a car along a given distance compared to those outfitted with conventional designs. With a significant reduction in the energy utilized to move the vehicle, fuel efficiency is optimized for hybrid cars. Read the rest of this entry »

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