The Most Fuel Efficient SUVs

SUVs come in all shapes, sizes, colors and classes, but when you compare all the compacts, luxuries, mid-sizes and crossovers in terms of their fuel efficiency, these three models, the Audi Q5, Mazda Tribute and Ford Escape Hybrid, take top honors.

The most fuel efficient sport utility vehicle is the Audi Q5. This European car sells at a starting price of $35, 200, although the price can go up as high as $42,500 with the installation of additional features. In terms of its fuel efficiency, the Q5 is able to cover 20 miles with a gallon of fuel for urban driving, whereas a drive on the highway with a distance of 27 miles is possible with the same amount of fuel. This vehicle has a seating capacity of up to five adult passengers. With its spacious and comfortable leg room, passengers will not have to feel squeezed in into a narrow space. The Audi also sports the classic, sleek and elegant Audi look, reminiscent of the cool, sophisticated look of a European design. Besides its fuel efficiency, spacious interior and classy exterior, the Q5 is also highly praised for its exceptional driving experience.

Not far behind the Q5 is a SUV from Japanese carmaker Mazda, the Mazda Tribute. This one sells at a starting price of $20, 555, although the price can increase up to $27, 315. In terms of fuel efficiency, the Tribute can easily cover 23 miles in urban driving per gallon, whereas it covers an impressive 28 miles in highway driving per gallon. Overall, the vehicle has a fuel capacity of 17.5 gallon. Another aspect that is praised in the Tribute is its very user-friendly layout and controls, so drivers would not have to fiddle around trying to figure out what each control meant. Its smooth riding experience is also well approved by critics. Read the rest of this entry »

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Electric Cars – The Car Of The Future?

Future Electric CarsIn the early 90s, electric cars were the stuff of electric dreams, but by 1997 Toyota was introducing the hybrid electric car known as a Toyota Prius and they very quickly became a common sight on our roads (particularly in Los Angeles!). It took other manufacturers awhile to catch on, but it is expected that over the next few years, many more electric cars will be introduced by a variety of car manufacturers.

Mainstream manufacturers like Vauxhall and Ford are planning on introducing their first electric cars as early as this year, while Peugeot, Citroen and Renault have already introduced their first electric car offerings and are working on expanding their range, and improving the performance of their electric cars.

There have been many problems along the way with electric cars. The biggest problem at the moment is the range. A lot of these cars have only got 100 mile radius and then a nine hour plus recharge time. This has obviously limited the sales of the vehicles already out in the market place. Can you imagine how long it would take you to drive to Scotland from London if you had to take a nine hour break from driving every hour?! And you would also have to take a circuitous route to make sure you reached a charging point at the end of that 100 miles. Not the most convenient of vehicles if you need to do more than make short journeys around town! Read the rest of this entry »


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