Tips for Cleaning Alloy Wheels

You have fabulously looking and excellently performing alloy wheels fitted on your car. In order to retain their looks, sturdiness and performance, you need to keep them in good condition. Proper wheel cleaning is essential since it helps to remove sticky brake dust and dirt accumulated during road trips. Use some practical advice which will help you to do it right.

Start off with a powerful water spray.

The best way to loosen up dirt is to use the power of water. Choose a hose with a powerful flow and spray the alloy wheels from a close distance. It is best if you use slightly warm, but not hot water. You should not worry about any kind of water damage as the alloy material is perfectly resistant to it.

Choose a specially designed cleaner.

These products are safe to use on metal as they are not acidic. You need to apply a generous amount on the rims while they are still wet. In fact, for effective dirt removal, you have to ensure that the surface is covered with water and cleaner at all times.

Use appropriate brushes.

It is essential that you use a soft bristled brush for cleaning alloy wheels. The synthetic bristles cannot scratch the surface in any way. At the same time, they help to loosen and remove dirt effectively. Get the brush between the spokes and rotate it for the most effective dirt removal.

You need to use a special brush for removing dirt stuck around the lug nuts. It is designed to fit over the nut so when you turn it around, it removes the dirt from the surface of the item and the surrounding area. Alternatively, you can use a soft thing brush which can fit into the gap. Use gentle stroking movements to ensure that dirt gets out.

Don’t forget about drying.

You should never let the wheels dry on their own after rinsing since the water drops can leave ugly marks on the otherwise glossy surface. You should use a soft lint-free towel to dry them. Make sure that you remove the water remaining between the spokes as well.

Make polishing and waxing part of the routine.

If your rims have coating, you will need less powerful polish. You need to apply the polish first and then use a specially designed tool or accessory to spread it. Choose wax which provides effective protection from dirt and apply it with a pad.

When you clean your alloy wheels properly, they will always look fascinating in addition to doing their job well.

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